2014 IIDA Winners

2014 IIDA Winners
2014 IIDA Winners
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Aniema Udokang, 1st Prize Winner 2014


15 year old Aniema, helped an accident victim who had been hit by a drunk driver along the Calabar express way. She saw the victim lying helplessly in the awe hour of the morning while she was helping her mother  out with her chores. She swiftly put the victim on her back and rushed her to the Calabar Teaching Hospital. But for Aniema’s timely intervention, the victim, having lost so much blood ,would have died

Semiya Modashiru, 2nd Prize Winner 2014


As 14 year old Semiya from Ogun state went about her own business  of helping people who come to the market lift their goods (alabaru)one day,  when she heard a baby’s cry emanate from a woman’s bag. She immediately alerted passersby, who in turn rescued the  baby. The woman who was a kidnapper had two babies trapped in a big “Ghana must go bag”   opening  bag, one of the bady was dead while the other was found dead.

Bassey Itam Bassey, 3rd Prize Winner 2014


Despite the superstition in their locality that snake poison is contagious, Bassey took initiative to  help a snake-bitten friend of his by tying the spot of the snake bite and carrying his friend on his back to the nearest drug store. Thus saving the boy’s life.