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The Indomie Independent Day Award for Heroes of Nigeria is a Social Responsibility Initiative that seeks to identify. recognize, celebrate and reward the positive efforts, strong character. and achievements Of young children between the ages of o -15years who have exhibited various acts of bravery and heroism at one time or the other anywhere in Nigeria.

Indomie Independent Award is to encourage the acts of heroism in children who have made notable sacrifices at great risk to themselves and those who have strived to survive despite the unfavourable conditions they found themselves and have pushed the limits of courage and performance to a new level.Categories Awarded : Physical Bravery. Intellectual Bravery, Social Bravery


  • To identify. recognize and encourage children who have exhibited acts of bravery
  • To call to remembrance the timeless values and virtues of bravery acts through a world class event that will entrench the brand in the minds of the public
  • To seek-out acknowledge children who have exhibited acts of bravery and made notable sacrifices without any recognition
  • To encourage other children to follow suit when the need arises
  • To encourage children who have shown courage in the face of fear
  • To encourage excellence and reward merit
  • To inspire selflessness and patriotism in our youngsters.



The award category acknowledges kids (15 years and below) who at great personal risk, save lives or by their actions. prevent
extensive damage to property or others.

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This award category celebrates kids who
work against social evils such as child
marriage. illiteracy and environmental
concerns etc. in a sustained manner.

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This award category recognizes children
with innate ability who have performed
remarkably despite physical mental.
emotional or financial limitations.

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