• Name: Joshua Agboola
  • Age:12 Years
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Akwa Ibom


Joshua Agboola 12-year-old Programmer, Future Skills Activist, YouTuber and Speaker on technology topics started coding at the age of 6 and has built capacity in the use of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Java, Python, C++, C#, PHP, Laravel, Love 2D and Unity. He has built a few games, apps and websites to his credit.

Last year, he embarked on the mission to create “Kagukar Study Buddie” an interactive education application that uses AI to help students, particularly the blind ones to learn better by voice-activated instruction. Kagukar is formed from three words, Ka in Yoruba, Guo in Ibo and Karanta in Hausa which all mean to read in each of these major Nigerian languages. Joshua was inspired to create this partly because of the challenges he and other students faced in continuing their schooling when the Covid-19 lockdown happened. Though the learning of many students in Nigeria were disrupted, students with disabilities were worse off.

Kagukar seeks to solve the challenge of inclusive learning and better curriculum retention for students in general, but the blind ones, in particular. It is an education solution that uses the power of artificial intelligence. It works like an interactive, voice-activated assistant that helps a student study, do practice tests, and even play and relax from studies, by audio delivery of educational content.

The first version of the app was created using JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery and a text-to-voice API. With support from MTN who recognized his work, Joshua is currently working on the second version of the app using Node.js, Multer.js, Express.js, Ejs, HTML, CSS, and MongoDB.

Joshua broke a record by becoming the youngest keynote speaker to present a talk at the ICTEL Expo of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry in July 2019. This was a first in the 131years history of the Chamber and got him features in print and electronic media. Joshua has also been called to speak at a number of other physical and online tech conferences including Techpoint, Rise Network Conference, Brace Technology Conference and the Swiss Cognitive Commonwealth Conference.

He is involved in advocacy for the teaching of tech skills to young people early and does this through Joshfortech, his YouTube channel where he teaches technology skills in an easy and fun to learn manner. Joshua sees possibilities in using technology to solve Africa’s many pressing challenges.

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