Funmilayo Bello 1st Winner 2012

14 year old Funmilayo lives in an orphanage. While returning from an errand she saw a group of people gathered around a deep ditch, wherein laid a strange looking baby with congenital anomaly.

Moving closer to the scene as she overheard the gathering cursed bitterly on whoever threw the strange looking baby into the ditch. The helpless baby cried passionately but none offered to help because of the baby’s condition. Meanwhile, Funmilayo was moved with compassion and quickly picked up the child along to the Orphanage where she resides.
Mrs.Bello Lucy, the matron of the orphanage readily declined to accept such a baby into the orphanage, claiming he can’t be allowed in the midst of the other children in the Home because of his look. Despite all the discouragement Funmi was able to prevail on the matron, who eventually allowed the baby provided Funmi would be responsible for his upkeep. She named him Zacheus.

George Sadoh 2nd Winner 2012

14 year old George rescued a man from a robbery attack.

On the 10th of January 2010, at about 11:30 am, while George was returning his Uncle’s .He saw noticed a glimpse of a man being severely beaten to the point of coma by two men.

George hid for safety and watched as these men took the victims motorcycle, ransacked his pockets and took all his valuables. George was so afraid but suddenly remembered he had in his pocket some fire crackers.

He lit the firecrackers and threw it towards the scene, the sound of which scared off the robbers leaving behind all they planned carting away.

After ensuring that the men had gone far from the scene, George came out and rushed to the victim to the hospital and deposited part of money he got from his uncle, for the man’s treatment.

Princess Esan 3rd Winner 2012

The story of 10years old princess Esan is that of a young girl who, succeeded in saving her brother’s (Francis: 8 yrs.) life and hers from a serious fire incident that engulfed their house.

26th of May, 2012 will remain unforgettable to the entire Esan family,at about 9.30pm when the entire family had gone to bed, the father was woken up by a thick guts of smoke that had already engulfed the entire house, before he could realize what was going on himself and wife had already ran outside for safety

Apparently the fire had started from the children’s room with princess and Francis trapped inside. The parents began to scream their names and urging them to jump out. then Francis replied “I cannot come out, I am dying, fire is burning me meanwhile, Princess was not talking. At a point, the entire 4 flats upstairs had been ravaged with the furnace while there was no sound coming from the children anymore.

Just when all hope had been lost, there came a cracking and crashing sound shattering the window panes emanating from the Esan’s flat, then it was realized that it was Princess who used her elbow to break the louvers and threw her brother down the building who landed in the hands of a neighbor before she followed suit. She suffered a 3rd degree burn from the incident.