• Name: KANYE
  • Age:9 Years
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: ABUJA
  • Category: SOCIAL BRAVERY


Kanye is 9 years and he lives at 15, Danube street, off IBB way, Maitama, Abuja. He was diagnosed with Autism at 3 and a half years, he has limited verbal skills. The Mother said Kanye is in a world of his own most of the time. It’s only now he is starting to come out of it. Growing up, she had told her daughter and her son that Kanye is their responsibility and that they should work hard on communicating with him and playing with him. So they took him like a project.

According to the mother, they noticed that Kanye started drawing on walls and any surface he could find. Someone came to the house one day and saw what he drew and suggested putting him in an Art class. The mother of one of her sons’ friends suggested a Pakistani lady who might be able to help. Her name is Kokab. She had never worked with a special needs child but agreed to take on Kanye. After a day, she told the mother that she had a genius for a son. The mother says when he draws he turns to a totally different child. He had switched from pencil to acrylic. The mother thought she was being fooled by the lady because she couldn’t believe her son did the works that she saw until she went and watched him actually create a piece. She then started hanging some of his pieces around the house. He was somehow able to communicate with his painting and his emotions are reflected in his works.

Her step-mother-in-law visited one day and saw the paintings and inquired about them. She then asked for one to put in her office. She asked Kanye for one which he flung at her.

In Vienna, Germany, it was noticed and since then, Kanye’s works have been recognized for their brilliance, featuring in numerous exhibitions. Last year, he was given the Flame of Peace International award for outstanding work in art by the archduke and archduchess of Austria in Vienna, becoming the youngest awardee ever. He was also made the fellow of the Association because of his outstanding work and is the youngest one ever.

With such exposure, people started approaching the mother to talk about their kids who are also on the autism spectrum, seeking advice on how to handle it. They realized that his story can do more. With his mother’s help, the Fabulous, autistic and Talented (FAT) event was organized and held at the Transcorp Hilton on April 13, 2019 to showcase other kids on the spectrum. The mother said that during that time parents were able to express their fears about who would take care of their special needs kids if they are no longer around and how to communicate with them.

Kanye’s artworks were given out for auctions and most of the proceeds went to the other kids who are on the spectrum but could not afford the needed therapy as well as increase awareness about autism