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Khalil Bala 1st Winner 2008

On one fateful day in 2007 at a suburb in Kano State, a 14year old boy did the unthinkable. Faced with the raging fire that had engulfed their home while both parents were out in their endeavors, Khalil Bala who had been informed of the inferno rushed quickly into the building to rescue his little sister.

Amidst thick carbon fumes and burning heat, Khalil Bala successfully rescued his sister but sustained third degree burns around his leg region. After undergoing series of surgical operations within a 14-month period in Indian, Khalil’s story made it to the call for entry of the maiden edition of the Indomie Independence Day Award for Heroes of Nigeria.

Dorcas Ayodele 2nd winner 2008

Dorcas Ayodele was 10 years old when she exhibited her heroic act. Sitting on the veranda of their home one fate day, an on-coming car which had lost control Treasure was headed towards a near-by fence where her kid sister was playing.

Dorcas swiftly ran to her. She jumped from her sitting position and took a hold of her sister and in split seconds after that , the vehicle ran into the fence pulling down the cemented wall. Had Dorcas, delayed in her swift action, she would have lost her kid sister instantly while she watched.

Rasaq Omolade 3rd winner 2008

Unlike the stories of saving the lives of others at personal risks, Rasaq Omolade’s story is inspirational and a true demonstration of wit, motivation, and determination to succeed in the face disabilities and against the odds of life.

Born into a poor family, Rasaq Omolade became crippled at a tender age; hence he couldn’t get a formal education. Nevertheless, he motivated himself to acquire skills in shoemaking and other related craft. Rasaq displayed unmatched entrepreneurial drive against the prevalent odds. Such rarity in a society that lacks a support system for handicaps drew the attention of the panel of judges.