• DATE:20 November
  • CATEGORY:2010 IIDA Winners

Ummar Mariam -1st Prize Winner 2010

Umar Mariam is 14 years Old and lives at Kofar Naisa. He is a native of Sokoto State and attends Arabic School. She lives with her both parent. Mariam was 3 yrs old when she noticed that she was without hands. She inquired from her parents and they made her understand that, that was how she was born. Nature has however compensated her. She is able to manipulate her legs to do things.

She started using her two legs to do whatever labor she has to do since she knew she does not have hands to do it. She believes that God has reasons for making her armless so she tries her possible best to engage herself to learn the habit of using her two legs for such purposes. Many household work like pressing of clothes , receiving calls, lighting the stove with matches, cooking, bathing, writing, eating, drinking, infact anything one can do with the hand she does with her legs. (SHE DEMOSTRATES).

She said she does not feel the absence of not having hands. She said her source of strength and joy is in her creator who had deposited manipulative skills in her two legs. She believes that there is ability in disability and there is a purpose people like her are created the way they are.

Treasure Obasi -2nd Prize Winner 2010

Innate abilities, talents, natural gifts are what describes God given potentials in mankind. Appropriate use therefore of these talents makes an excellent breed of person. She belongs to that rare breed of persons. At just 12 years she is already setting the pace in TV broadcasting. Her name is Treasure Obasi. Her talent made her a discovery and a prominent face on ‘Young Inventors’ a programme she present on network service of the NTA.
At the auditioning for the programme, she emerged best among other competitors who were then university undergraduate and already Treasure has presented 20 episodes of the programme to the satisfaction of the teaming viewers and NTA programme directorate. Born on the 13th of February 1998 to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Abasi, Treasure is the first daughter in the family of two children. Her younger brother Sharon was born only two years after.

Treasure a student of JSS 3 attends one of the private schools in Lagos. She is indeed a leading light and a brilliant ability deposited in the Nigerian girl child. At the age eight she won the British Airways Essay Competition where she competed with secondary school students. She also won the best reader award for her school as a news caster. Treasure says her interest in broadcasting started when she was in Nursery 2 and just 4 years old. She said she is always fascinated to see news casters on TV cast news without looking at the paper. Her coherence, articulation, flow of thought and delivery at just 12 years made Treasure truthful to her name and a treasure to behold.

Sarah Oladele -3rd Prize Winner 2010

It was a fatal accident in 2008, on a lonely road known as High School Road, as Sarah Oladele was going to school at 6.00 am in the. She was only 15 yrs old completed her secondary education in 2010 and lives with her parent on the above address. Her father is an electrician while her mother owns a beer parlor on 148, Yemi Ajibade street Iya Alago B/Stop, Akure. Sarah was going to school that early morning because her teacher asked them to come early morning class. As she was walking on the lonely road that morning to school, Sarah saw a motorcyclist ahead of her knock down a man to the side of the road cyclist sped off.

Sarah discovered that the man was unconscious and blood was gushing out of his head. She stood by, stopping cars that were passing by. So Sarah decided to move to the center of the road to stop cars because the victim was already losing a lot of blood. Finally, a car stopped for her and she narrated to the driver what happened and immediately the victim was driven to the hospital. At hospital,

she went straight to the police headquarters Akure and reported the case at the police station producing the registration number of the motorbike to the police officers on duty. Because as the cyclist took off the first thing Sarah did was to memorize Two days later the Hit through the information given to them by Sarah. The cyclist was escorted to the hospital and was also made to pay the hospital bills of the victim. Sarah later came to check on the victim and discovered his name was Mr. Noah, in SS 2 and attended Winners College Akure. She without stopping to check the man he carried into the car, still unconscious and Sarah secured a vehicle for the victim to the registration number of the motor and a Run motorcyclist was whose life was saved by Sarah a very brave girl.