• DATE:20 November
  • CATEGORY:2011 IIDA Winners

Njoku Chigbo -1st Prize Winner 2011

Njoku Chigbo -1st Prize Winner Njoku Chigbo is a 14-year-old primary schoolboy and a native of Ezza South LGA in Ebonyi State. He lives with both parents in a remote village in Ebonyi State. On one fateful morning, Njoku and his friends were at a riverbank in their neighborhood when they saw a boat mishap. A man and a woman who had earlier come to the river by motorcycle with the intention of crossing to the other side had boarded the boat and they were being transported with their belongings when the boat capsized. Luckily, the man held on to a trunk in the river but the woman began to drown. Njoku swiftly and instinctively dived into the river and rescued the woman.

After taking the woman to the shore, he got a rope and tied one end around his waist and jumped into the river the second time to salvage the motorcycle and other belongings of the victims. This feat was applauded by the villagers who had now assembled by the riverbank to pull the loosed end of the rope. Njoku saved the victims and their belongings which had sunk into the river. He dived into the river several times to achieve this feat.

Ajila Web he -2nd Prize Winner 2011

10-year-old Ajila Web he displayed the unthinkable when she assisted in the delivery of her little nephew at the absence of a professional midwife or Precisely on May 8, 2011, about 12:30 am, Ajila’s 16-year-old sister had gone into labor. With just the two youngsters at home without a car or driver, the circumstance was severe as their family doctor whom Ajila’s sister had called by telephone could not come at that time of the night. Seeing her sister in intense labor pains, Ajila feared she could lose her and summoned up the courage to act as a midwife.
At about 4: am, the contraction had become intense and by 4:30 am she had dilated enough for delivering, Ajila took a towel to hold the baby’s head. As her sister pushed, she pulled the baby’s head and in no time, the baby was delivered. She got a scissor to cut the umbilical cord and used a cloth peg to clip it. By 6 am, the doctor came to the house to find the baby had been delivered without complications.

Sule Mallam Hamza -3rd Prize Winner 2011

When Sule Mallam Hamza set out to the village river for taking his bath, he had no clue he was on a mission to save a life. On that fateful day, Sule, his younger brother Musa and some of his friends set out to the river to take their bath when they met a group of young children playing in the shallow edge of the river. Amongst them, a little boy was lured by the others to go to the deep side of the river. And there, he began to drown while the others were laughing and having fun not realizing the impending doom. Sule who had seen the incident from a distant realized the little boy was drowning and instinctively swam to him to rescue him not minding his poor swimming skills.
By the time, Sule reached the little boy; the boy had drunk so much water while struggling to stay afloat. In the course of rescuing the boy, Sule almost got drowned as the boy’s survival fist was too intense to be controlled. Nevertheless, he succeeded to rescue the little boy to the riverbank where first aid was administered to release water from his stomach. The boy vomited so much water.