• Name:Zulka Mohammed
  • Age: 14 Years
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Adamawa
  • Category: Physical Bravery (Category Winner)


Zulka Mohammed is a 14 year old boy who resides in Gu’u Hildi District Hong LGA Adamawa State. Sometimes in March 2016 during terrorists’ attacks in the Northeastern parts of the country, his community was also attacked by the Boko Haram terrorists. Many people fled away from their houses to safety. Many became displaced, particularly the children and the aged because when the attack was launched, no one expected it and they caught the people unawares. Many of the children were in school while adults were in the market, some in their farmlands, some at home’ mostly older women.

So many people fled to a hiding place leaving behind their families. Zulka was in the market when they heard gunshots and everyone began to run for their lives, leaving everything they had in the market. He ran into the rocks for safety and after an hour or so, everywhere became silent and he decided to find his way back home. He was able to sneak back home but he met everywhere

empty. He met some of the children that also came back home looking for their families but met their absence.

Zulka took those children along with him and kept them inside a farm storage facility and went to the other houses in his community to fetch the other children. At last, he was able to sneak out of his community with 12 children, taking them to the forest where he kept them for 2 weeks, feeding them and taking care of them. 2 weeks Later, Zulka noticed the vigilance group (Civilian JTF) from his community, patrolling the forest with the Nigerian Army. That was an indication that calm had been restored and that it was safe to come out of hiding. Zulka brought the children back to their families and he was highly appreciated for his heroic action by saving the children.

  • Name: Adejorin Oluwatobilola
  • Age: 15years
  • Sex: Female
  • Location: Osogbo
  • Category: Physical Bravery (Consolatory Prize Winner)


Adejorin Oluwatobiloba Grace lives in Excellent Street, at Oke Odo, Kelebe, Osogbo. This account is about how she rescued a little girl from a kidnappers’ hideout. The story has it that Tobiloba hawks the gari that her mother usually brings back from Ifon town which is situated in another local government far away from their place of abode. On this fateful day, Tobiloba was asked to hawk gari in the community and return home before night fall. Her first point of call was a well-known regular customer who doesn’t fail to buy from her at every occasion. However, Tobilola found a large crowd in the customer’s house, which left her pondering on what could have happened.

She concluded that it wasn’t a convenient time to hawk her ware but before taking her leave, she enquired about the reason for the crowd in the house. The young girl was informed that a little girl from the house was missing. Tobiloba was stunned because she knew the missing girl. Tobiloba

went out and continued with her hawking. After walking away to a certain distance, she took a path that led to another known customer. As she went on, she passed by an unknown woman who was making a call. The woman’s telephone conversation became suspicious to Tobiloba. The strange woman talked about a car and money. Tobilola became so concerned that she decided to look into what was happening there, in her own way. The strange woman was so engulfed in her conversation that she failed to notice Tobiloba.

The young girl slowed her pace while watching the woman. Suddenly, she overheard an innocent voice, pleading for her release. Tobiloba became more alerted because she recognized the voice to be that of the missing girl. She quietly walked back, then quickly ran to people she found a few meters away from where she saw the strange woman and informed them what she had just witnessed. She told them she was convinced she heard the voice of the missing child. The people hurriedly rushed down and surrounded the kidnappers’ hideout. They apprehended the strange woman. Upon being interrogated, the woman revealed that the hideout was where she used to meet with her buyers. The little girl was rescued and released to her parents, thanks to Tobiloba’s bravery.

  • Name: Olanrewaju Oluwafemi
  • Age: 15 Years
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Ibadan
  • Category: Social Bravery (Category Winner)


Olanrewaju Oluwafemi lives at no. 15, Oluwa Ayoola Street, Challenge, in Ibadan. The account is about how Femi uses football competitions to campaign against crime among juveniles. According to the young lad, the incidence of stealing among children in his community is alarming. So he decided to do something about it. Femi thought of a way to reach out to the majority of the children in his community, in order to sensitize them about the inappropriateness of such habit. For him, it is important and necessary to find a way of curbing the trend before it ruins the life of the children. So he decided to organize a football competition among the adolescents.

Femi approached some older people in his community to acquaint them of his intention to organize a football competition. At first, the people ignored him for being too young for such project. However, his persistence paid off and a man bought into his idea. Before long, teams were raised, fixtures were

drawn and match schedules were fixed. However, Femi could not find a sponsor to donate a trophy for the winner of the competition. So the young lad quickly designed a trophy and constructed himself. The football competition was held and Femi was able to pass message across to the teams. After every match, he was given audience to speak to the children with a public address system, about the need to eschew stealing and imbibe a good conduct. The campaign effort which was strongly reinforced by the football competition, made a lot of impact as it was widely applauded in the community and the environs.

  • Name: John Blessing
  • Age: 12 years
  • Sex: Female
  • Location: Ogun
  • Category: Social Bravery (Consolatory Prize Winner)


John Blessing is a teenager, the remaining child living with her mother since her elder sister was gang raped to death. She hails from Ifo, Ogun State. The story has it that her father abandoned the family when Blessing was just 2 years old for another woman who promised him better conditions of living. Furthermore, two years ago, Blessing’s elder sister met with a fatal lot in the hands of miscreants who raped her to death. Unfortunately, Blessing and her mother never got justice, as the criminals who brutally snuffed life out of her only sister were never caught while the security operatives did little or nothing to soothe their pains.

The incident left a bad memory on Blessing and her mother, however there was nothing much they could do. Nonetheless, the ordeal, since losing both her sister and father, gave the young girl a new drive. Blessing started gathering her peers in her neighbourhood to tell them about the need to be

more cautious and careful about the evil pervading the land and targeting innocent and naïve young girls. This is how Blessing started her advocacy against child abuse. She believed her sister died because her parents couldn’t afford to provide them with their basic needs. For this reason, her late sister had to become a street hawker, which made her an easy target to criminals lurking around to rape little girls. Blessing took her advocacy a step further when she reached out to the local government chairman to urge him in taking bold steps to stem the menace of juvenile street hawking.

  • Name: Wealth John
  • Age: 8 Years
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Nasarawa
  • Category: Social Bravery (Consolatory Winner)


Wealth John is an 8 years old boy from Akwa Ibom State. He grew up in Abuja Nasarawa state and he’s a primary 4A student of United Nursery and Primary school Nyanya Gwanadara in Nasarawa State. Even though Wealth is but a child, he is wise enough to notice the rate at which child marriage and abuse has increased in his community and this made the young boy an advocate against injustice, social crimes and child marriage. According to Wealth, a young girl in his compound lost her parent at an early age and her aunties wanted to marry her off as they couldn’t take care of her. Wealth was moved with compassion for the young orphan and thus decided to help her. He therefore went to his mother and told her of the young girl’s plight amidst tears, persuading his mother to take her in and treat her like a daughter. Wealth’s mother was deeply moved by her son’s wisdom and compassion and so she accepted and brought the girl into their family. His mother has been responsible for the girl’s upkeep ever since and also by sending her to

school. The young girl now 13 years old and have been living with the family since 2013. She is currently in secondary school and hoping to become an Artist afterwards.

  • Name: Paul David
  • Age: 13 Years
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Makurdi
  • Category: Intellectual Bravery(Category Winner)


Paul David is a JSS 3A Student of the Christ Apostolic Church Secondary School, Makurdi. He lives with his parents at 59 Lessal street Wadata, Makurdi Benue state and hails from Mubi North, Adamawa State.

Paul amazed residents of his community when he invented a solar powered Radio Station, which he named the “TECNO FM”. He uses it to transmit music around his neighborhood. He also invented moving Cars from used plastic bottles powered by simple electrical motors, among his other technological exploits. He is also known for installation of satellites, this was unusual because, he was not trained but learnt to do this by studying the installation guides from the internet all by himself.

  • Name: Emmanuel Adebisi
  • Age: 11years
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Makurdi
  • Category: Intellectual Bravery (Consolatory Prize Winner)


Emmanuel Adebisi is an 11 years old boy and a primary five Pupil, who has had a natural drive for engineering from a young age. He currently lives with his Guardian behind mount camel college along industrial layout Naka Road, Makurdi. Emmanuel’s natural talent led him to invent devices with scrap materials from waste bins and garbage, his mother initially scolded him for doing this but it turns out that the young boy has an unquenchable desire for his discovered engineering talents. This has led him to the invention of a mobile phone light switch which he said can be used to power on lighting systems when connected to it at any location and time. He has used wood to construct an industrial gear system that he uses to lift heavy loads off the ground, powered with liquid water, without any electrical energy or the use of conventional fuel required for the system to work.

He presents different inventions every year at his School’s annual Prize-giving and Graduation

Ceremonies. He has been invited to present his inventions at different places in the state (Benue) which includes the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA, Makurdi Network Center) and universities within the state which includes the demonstration of his invention at the University of Agriculture Makurdi (UAM), where he impressed both the Students and Lecturers of the institution.

Emmanuel has been presently invited to represent his School, in the NTA-ETV Young Inventors technology competition, he has been working on presenting a Grain Processing Machine.

  • Name: Joel Clement
  • Age: 14 Years
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Kano
  • Category: Intellectual Bravery (Consolatory Price Winner)


Joel Clement lives at no. 49 Sarkin Pawa Road in Samaru, Zaria. Joel is said to have constructed an incubator for hatching eggs, as shown in the picture below. He made it in the form of a box, using wood and metal, into which he mounted lamp bulbs to generate heat at the necessary temperature. When activated, the incubator is used to hatch eggs into beautiful chicks. So, the young lad had been producing day old chicks, which he sells to people from far and near. Aside selling chicks, Joel has constructed quite a number of his invention and sold on orders. The income has helped him to finance his education.